Sunday, 21 October 2012

recycled city

Cardboard box, post-it notes, white out and paper from the bin.

Monday, 15 October 2012

monkey business casual

Vintage plastic apes from Tara inspire a drawing.

sarah and sarah

Two giant ladies emerging from the archives. A larger than life self portrait drawing I did five years ago. These giantesses have been dancing / fighting with each other on the wall of my parent's basement for a while. Always interesting to revisit our past selves.

speaking of swimming pools...

Here's a pool collage drawing.

Geronimo! Mystery diver.

swimming pools

 I used to house sit for my friends the Coverdales and the pool in their back yard reminded me of David Hockney's swimming pool paintings. Inspired by his work, I did a swimming pool project with a group of 5-8 year olds. I love the wandering lines in their paintings, suggesting light reflecting and refracting. Float on little people!

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool, David Hockney, 1964

city of electric light

I recently discovered the wonderful work of artist Chris Johanson,  a veteran of the Northern California punk/skate scene.  He has a beautiful book Please Listen I Have Something to Tell You About What Is and I particularly love his paintings of cities that often explode the frame, become sculptural, spontaneous, sprawling.

On Thursdays I teach painting and drawing to an amazing group of 6-8 year olds, and last week we made city pictures inspired by Johanson's work. The kids loved the details in his paintings: bright roadways, upside down vehicles, underground hide outs. They became architects of their own gorgeous cities.

piñata power

There are a lot of summer babies in my family. This year was fiesta central and I powered up some pinatas to celebrate all of the people I love.

Cheeseburger pinata for Van Snell family party!

Lion for Rowan's first birthday!

Triple scooper for Agata's birthday!
Gem pinatas for the rock party. These babies are filled with rock candy, pop rocks, and gem ring lollies.

Gem pinatas with rock party collection

ice treasure eggs

Remember when it was hot out? My friend Erin at Collage Collage offered some artful ideas for cooling off. My nieces and nephew and I made ice treasure eggs, loading up water balloons with bits and pieces and freezing them. The kids loved rolling them around in the grass, dunking them in water, watching them melt and breaking the treasures out.


Who doesn't love these colourful little devils? Making some fall camp crafts.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

urchin head

My pal Rosie bought Urchin Head .... and then got her tattooed on her arm! She looks cute on you girl!

winter paintings

My very talented artist friend Marcus Hastings  and I had a winter art show at Coup in Chinatown. Here are some of my paintings.

Angler Fish Face

Terror Terrarium

Who Speaks For Wolf?
Coyote! Stop!